Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday Menu Planning: Week beginning 20 June

I've made it through my first day of professional placement.  It was fairly easy, compared to my normal work!  Today, in any case.  I was allowed to just observe, assist a few kids here and there and familiarise myself the the students in the class.  I am utterly amazed at the cohesian of a group of kids ranging from Yr 3 to Yr 6, but they appear to operate as a whole group, as well as in year level groups.  Three of the kids are siblings, and seem to manage being in class together just fine.  I would have been horrified to have shared a class with one of my two brothers!  I sure didn't want him in my space!

I've got two lessons for small groups to plan and then teach so far this week...and possibly a third.  I know it can be the bain of a teacher's life, but I really quite enjoy this aspect of planning.  I'm sure over time it becomes a much more streamlined and succinct process.  My plans are the comprehensive version right now.  As it should be for this point in my education.

The kids are spending lots of time with Dh over the next two weeks, as they will take a school bus to his office.  Tonight I was able to come home and start dinner with my own thoughts for company.  I need those little moments of quiet every now and then.

So for meals this week....
Monday:  Chicken teriyaki, rice (and leftovers for lunch)
Tuesday:  Sweetcorn soup and yum cha bits
Wednesday:  Beef stir fry, rice
Thursday:  Creamy pasta (bacon & mushrooms)
Friday:  Honey mustard chicken, vegies
Saturday:  Roast chicken, vegies
Sunday:  Tacos

The school I'm at is having a mid-winter German-inspired festival on Friday evening.  I believe it begins at 5pm, and I'm hoping for two things.  Firstly, that I'll not be required.  Secondly, if I am, that it will end before I need to leave for Book Club.  It does feel a little bit unusual to invest myself in a community that is not my own, and one I may not ever step foot in again after my rounds are over.  I miss my own school terribly.  I miss seeing my children throughout the day, as that has been an incredibly special part of my work life.  And I miss seeing all the precious little people and colleagues (who are friends) I have come to hold quite an affection for over the years we have been at the school.  I am, however, enjoying the opportunity to see how another school does 'education'.  It is a rare opportunity not usually afforded eduation support workers, so I am enthusiastic about taking advantage of the fact that this is part of the requirements for my study.


Rel said...

Trac ~ great to hear things have got off to a great start for you :)

I know you will do brilliantly! See you at Book Club - better late than never ;-)

Tracy said...

Absolutely Rel...I intend to be there one way or the other! Thanks for your encouragement.