Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What Are You Good At?

I've just been reading Jenny B Jones' latest blog post in which she lists the things she's good at.  You know a post by Jenny, titled "Behold My Talent" is going to be filled with things that induce side-splitting laughter.  And I was right.  Her number 14 comment is my favourite.  I was already laughing....then I just ached.  The imagary is magnficient.  I can just see a whole bunch of men in there waving a nonchalant "Hi Jen" as she comes in and goes out. 

In any case, all that fun and silliness prompted me to think.  What am I good at?  More importantly, why aren't we comfortable expressing to others what we're good at.  We're all good at something.  We're all good at things that are different to other people's things they're good at.  The world needs variety!

So...what am I good at?
  • Cooking.  I've been known to make guinea pigs out of dinner guests.  They're always happy to comply.
  • Avoiding shops.  Because I am the only woman alive who hates shopping.  Except for Costco ~ they feed you to help you get around in one piece and that's why I bought a membership.
  • Sending the children out of my study area.  Because they just want to sit and look at me!
  • Forgetting to stop studying and do important things like....sleeping and cooking dinner.
  • Having fun with girlfriends.  Because sometimes only another female who knows you understands.
  • Administration.  It's a curse really.  I'm way too organised.
  • Using common sense.  I didn't know this until recently, but I'm told I'm rare.  I must know all the only other people who have common sense as well.
  • Making big public mistakes.  Like the time I began a piano introduction for church, with each hand in a different key.
Well...I'm sure there's more, but that will do for now.

What are you good at?


Jenny B. Jones said...

Love your list, Tracy! And I bet your friends are grateful to be your guinea pigs.

Tracy said...

What great things to be good at. BTW, I'm good at avoiding shops too because I don't like shopping.

Tracy said...

Cool ~ nice to know I'm not alone as a non-shopping female!

Rel said...

Not a fan of shopping, either, as you know :)

And, yes, you are good at having fun with girlfriends! Must book something else in soon :)

Hi Jenny ~ love it when you visit Australia, however you do it ;-)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I hate shopping, too--I think there are more of us than we realize!

I'm good at adding books to my shopping list, however.

I'm good at getting kids out of the house for school in an organized fashion.

I'm good at baking cookies.

I'm good at developing new hobbies.

Don't get me started on the things I'm not good at!


debbie bailey said...

I hate shopping, too! We should start a club.

I'm good at sewing, cooking, organizing, photography, writing, and knowing what a child is thinking and about to do in time to stop him/her from making a mess or hitting a brother/sister.

Tracy said...

You ladies are good at some great things. Debbie, I imagine your skill with kids is invaluable!!!