Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Menu Planning: Week Beginning 4 April

Does it still count as Monday if the sun isn't up yet on Tuesday?  I'm not sure it does, but I have good reason for putting this post off.  Yesterday was a normal full day of rewarding work and full-on study. A friend came over to repair the drum kit that needs to be returned.  I cooked dinner....after the girls had done some baking.  Late in the day.  And I noticed a tiny little icon on my Foundations of Teaching online link.

That tiny little icon told me my first ever University assignment had been returned and graded.  Do you know how nerveracking it is to wait on that first one ever?  Even worse, wondering if when you finally open that document it will have NN (fail) on it.  Well, I opened up mine and looked at the grade and took a moment to realise that DN means Distinction.  I cannot tell you how completely satisfying those two little letters are!  There were a handful of corrections that were not the most super important things in the world, but still very worthy of noting for next time.

On to the dinner table for this week.  I must be missing my kitchen.  The meals I have planned are ones that I imagine I'll end up cooking most nights.  They are meals that are inspired by a Nigella Lawson book off my shelf and simply needed to be investigated.  I'm sure it's wrong to leave such books languishing on the shelf without more than a passing glance.

Monday:  Chinese beef & noodles
Tuesday:  Risotto (maybe!!)
Wednesday:  Spanish chicken with potatoes & chorizo
Thursday:  Pasta (Miss Sunshine)
Friday:  Redcurrant lamb chops, vegies
Saturday:  Lasagna (make a double batch)
Sunday:  Vietnamese pork noodle soup

I'm off to a PD today about supporting children in literacy who have language difficulties.  I always feel very nervous about catching the train.  Will I get a parking spot?  Will the trains be running approximately on time?  Will I have to go to the station a few down the line to get a parking spot?  You see my point, don't you?  I don't go on the trains very often, and when I am travelling on my own I go round and round in my head about how I'll handle any unexpected things.  However, training my way to the venue will provide a wonderful opportunity to read.  For fun.


joolzmac said...

Congratulations on that first grade, a Distinction! You obviously put in a lot of effort to the paper and this makes it all worth it! Well done! Those meal ideas sound very yum, too.


belinda said...


A just reward for hard work, they don't give out those distinctions on a whim.

Kind Regards

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Congrats on the DN--well deserved I'm sure!

Hope you caught the train (I worry about that sort of thing, too).


Tracy said...

Thank you ladies! There were a number of students who failed the assignment, so I don't take my DN lightly!

Frances, yes I caught the train after going to the next station to get a car park! I arrived and got my ticket and had 3 minutes to spare. Dh picked me up in the afternoon, because he had drive in to the city later in the morning. Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your distinction - I'm sure it was very well deserved.


Tracy said...

Thank you Kate