Saturday, 16 April 2011

Very Smurfy

Do you remember Smurfs as fondly as I?  Perhaps this shows my vintage, but many around my age might still have one or two of these little fellows floating about their homes.  Hiding in long forgotten places, just waiting to be remembered.  I have six of them.  I only ever had six, but I have them all.  I wonder how it is, in all the moving to and fro, hither and yon, that these little friends have remained with me all this time.  I don't know, but my children knew exactly where to put their hands on them!

We're on a mission for my Smurfs.  One of my assignments requires me to come up with a design challenge and to put it into action.  Of course, then comes a 2,500 word essay regarding the activity...*sigh*.  In any case, Smurfs were my inspiration.  Because I don't believe in fairies.  And I wanted something that was full of creativity, fun, colour....and a little bit of whimsy.  So fairies were out.  But Smurfs?  Well...there they are with so much more personality!

So.  My design challenge is to create a Smurf resort because they will be arriving in Our Town for their annual weekend convention and there is no resort here for them to stay at.  I can't wait to see what the kids come up with!  We're roping in a couple of 'little friends' to help us.  And what do you know, they fit into the VELS stage of learning I'm aiming at.  Perfect. It's their turn to help me with my homework.  For a change.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

I picked up 18 smurfs and a toadstool house at a garage sale for $4 last year. I did put them in my stall and 12 of them and the toadstool were stolen. It was so sad, Master S was learning about buying and selling - I guess he learnt about thieves too! What a fun Uni assignment! xo

Tracy said...

How devastating for Master S. I would be very sad too.

Jodie said...

Fairies are out because you don't believe in fairies....does this mean you do believe in Smurfs Tracy?

I loved Smurfs when I was young. If I remember rightly, you got them at BP service stations.

Great idea for your assignment! Hope all is going well. xxx

Tracy said...

Well...not so much believe in them. But I grew up watching the cartoon, and playing with those little blue fellows (yes, from BP service stations). Fairies are just a bit too abstract.

Maybe I believed in them a little, when I was young?