Monday, 18 April 2011

Monday Menu Plan: Week Beginning 18 April

The holidays continue.  Lots of study.  Lots of thinking about a women's retreat and the required administration.  Today, lots of 'The Cosby Show'.  I bought the first two seasons the other day so the kids and I have been laughing our way through the episodes.  I'd forgotten how very funny the show is!  In between, the kids have been playing Monopoly and driving each other nuts.  And me.  Ahhh, you've got to love holidays.

With Easter approaching I've also been giving some thought to the traditions that we enjoy over the three significant days.  This year ANZAC Day is involved at the same time, so we have extra traditions to squeeze in.  Interestingly, for me, all of these traditions are food related.  I make hot cross buns on Good Friday.  We have a lamb roast on Resurrection Sunday.  The kids have a handful of various sized eggs on Sunday too.  And on ANZAC Day, ANZAC bikkies, of course.

I'll post about my hot cross bun thoughts tomorrow.  For now, this is what we're eating this week:
Monday:  Nigella's chilli with corn chip stacks
Tuesday:  Ricotta fritters, vegies
Wednesday:  Honey soy chicken, vegies
Thursday:  Out for dinner
Friday:  Teriyaki chicken, rice, stir fried vegies
Saturday:  Out for dinner
Sunday:  Roast lamb, vegies

What are your Easter traditions?

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Our Easter traditions include Good Friday services, Sunday morning services, Easter baskets and a sliced ham for dinner.

We have the whole Cosby series on DVD, but I think the first two seasons are best.