Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Of Trains and Quiet Evenings

After the early morning mind games I caught my train in just enough time.  The station I would normally go from has very little parking by 8am, so I headed to the next station and managed to get my ticket and be on the platform with 3 minutes to spare.  That's plenty, right?  I came home with Dh, who had driven in to the city so we had a lovely chat in the comfort of our own car.

My PD was very informative with lots of things to bring back to the teachers I work with.  Things to look for.  Things to do.  Activities to enjoy, just because...and to assist students in particular ways.  And what did I hear all day?  Visual, visuals visuals.  Children with language and learning difficulties all need visual aide supports.  Clip-Art, here I come.  My return to school this morning was greeted with tales of little people 'falling of their perches' here and there.  It's the last week of term, so I suppose it makes sense that some of them would be to weary to cope well.  My heart ached for them...and their teachers!

I'm planning a nice quiet evening in front of the TV, I think.  I've one chapter to read for Uni and then I'm done for the week, I think.  How did that happen?!  It's only Wednesday.  Perhaps my Tail Feathers stitchery might keep me company too.  It's contstantly in my mind and I walk past it thinking how lonely it looks resting there on my sewing cabinet, neglected and patient.  But every time I sit down for long enough to do it I'm too weary to think about moving!  Maybe tonight.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

First, I'm glad you made your train with minutes to spare! And that you got to have a nice chat with DH on the ride home. I love riding and talking.

I hope you get to do some stitching tonight. I've been enjoying sitting down with my quilt in the evening and hand stitching. And by the way, I do it the way you do. I can't figure out that rocking thing for the life of me!