Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday Menu Plan: Week Beginning 11 April

Today has passed by in a blur!  Mr Busy has entertained himself while the girls went and picked chestnuts for a school family.  They returned home with glorious reports of money earned and time spent with friends.  Me?  I studied.  All day.  Just as well I'm on holidays from school because this week would be a bit difficult to get my head around otherwise.  I have to construct a presentation for one of my subjects and there are plenty of information sharing websites being suggested.  But their use is making my head hurt and my blood pressure rise.  Rather than become a basketcase, I began in PowerPoint and will upload to one of the sites from there.

I had intended to clean the oven today, disgraceful thing that it is.  Alas, I forgot to become unobsessed about my presentation task!  Perhaps tomorrow.

In terms of food, however, we're completely covered.  Planning is done, shopping was completed on Saturday with the help of Miss Mischief and we're ready to deal with holiday appetites.  For me that means eating less....for the kids it means eating more.  They get bored and think eating is a way to entertain themselves.  I need to get them baking first!

Monday:  Meatloaf, vegies
Tuesday:  Redcurant lamb chops, vegies
Wednesday: Honey mustard chicken, vegies
Thursday:  Ricotta fritters, vegies
Friday:  Dinner at my brother's
Saturday: Perhaps we need to plan for visitors?
Sunday:  Soup, english muffin pizzas

So on our holiday agenda apart from eating?  Mr Busy will be doing NAPLAN testing early in Term 2 so he will be getting on Matheletics most days and I need to sit with him and figure out some strategies for brainstorming ideas for writing a persuasive text.  He gets writers block in the ideas stage.  Poor boy.  I'll be studying in between other things and I suppose some planning of those 'other things' might not go astray!

What do you like to do on school holidays?


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Sleep! And think about cleaning my oven, which I'm sure is worse than yours by far.

Hope all the studying and testing goes well.


Tracy said...

I dunno Frances. I reckon side-by-side our ovens might just be grotty twins. Mine is pretty bad.