Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Metaphorically Speaking

I think I'm seeing some light in my dark tunnel.  One of my uni subjects requires us to come up with a metaphor to explain what we think about teaching and how we see ourselves as teachers.  In a couple of weeks we all need to present something that covers specific aspects and how the metaphor explains them.

I have been excited about using 'Artist' as my metaphor.  I've tweaked and refined as I've hit hurdles.  But the presentation of the information had me stumbling about in a dark place for a little bit.  So many information sharing sites to choose from.  Does one learn a whole new program or just upload a Powerpoint?  Which program will do what I want it to?  How do I go about explaining my metaphor and compare it to teaching?

Do you see where I've been?!  I tell you, a dark little place of questions.

One by one, I have been answering those questions.
What would I advise someone else to do about the program?  Think about the information sharing later...just begin with Powerpoint.  I know how Powerpoint works.  It does all the things I want to do with the presentation.

How do I articulate my metaphor vs real life ideas?  Having an artistic bent, I began with pictures.  Because presentations need to be attractive and interesting.  Yes?  I'm sure I don't want to sit through something that is boring to look at, so why would anyone else.  And then I decided to record an explanation of each slide.  Everything is more cohesive  now.

All of a sudden I see light at the end of my dark little place.  It is looking and sounding good.  To me, anyway.  We'll see what happens with 'peer review'!


Squiggly Rainbow said...

sounds good, I wish I could help even to bounce ideas off! I submitted my last one for this first round last night - we are vegeing today! Love to you - you are a champion and inspiration to me! xo Rach

Tracy said...

Well done on getting that last one submitted. It's such a load off...until the return date becomes imminent!

The mum of all trades said...

love your blog.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

So glad it's all coming together for you! And I love the metaphor you've chosen, which is just right for your creative self. And yes, visual presentations: VERY important! Good luck!