Friday, 1 April 2011

Still Smiling

I work in lots of different classrooms.  With lots of different children.  Not only do I work with the children who require extra support, but it is inevitable that I spend time with almost every other student at some point.  When you spend 10 lessons of the week in any one class you become pretty attached to one another.

On Tuesday when I was skitting off to another classroom half way through an afternoon the Prep's (5 & 6yo's) were asked to say good afternoon to me.  Which they did.  And then they spontaneously errupted into a loud chorus of "We love you!!".

Yesterday as I was heading off to have my lunch one of the Prep girls came back into the classroom just to say goodbye and to tell me she hoped I would enjoy my lunch.

They are such precious little people.  They have their quirks and we have some frustrating days here and there.  But they have the ability to make me smile for days just because they are who they are.


joolzmac said...

That is so cool - you must be very special to them too!


Squiggly Rainbow said...

I love preps! So sweet, Miss M told Miss R to 'punch' my Master J yesterday! A classic! xo

Tracy said...

I have Year 2's that still come for a hug sometimes Joolz. I think it's just the kind of place where we're all special to each other.

Miss's M & R must like Master J. After all, he's VERY cute!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Lovely! What a nice boost to have during your workday.


Tracy said...

That's why I work with Primary school children Frances. They are so immediately rewarding compared with teens.