Saturday, 11 September 2010

Pride and Prejudice Comes to Our School

Earlier this week we attended one of the Year 9 Production presentations of 'Pride and Prejudice'.  What an absolute treat in so many ways!  Firstly, the students did an incredible job of their performances.  Their costumes were exquisite!  Mr Darcy was played by the son of our Primary Art teacher, and what a dashing Mr Darcy he made too.  He carried off 'aloof' perfectly.  Lizzie was played by two different girls, each having half the play.  A good decision given the enormity of the task.  Each of those young ladies brought something of her own to the role without detracting at all from the play as a whole.

The script, I was told yesterday, was taken from the book itself and put together by the Yr9 English teacher who claims it to have been not that big a deal.  I suspect he put far more hours into the process than he lets on. 

And the joy that we've waited for now for over a year ~ we got to use the new gym/multi-purpose hall for the very first time.

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