Monday, 17 August 2009

Monday's Menu Plan

I spent the weekend with my head buried in books ~ school books on Saturday, and once we got home after lunch yesterday, head in a novel. I need to finish the book before I forget how it started! In any case, that's my excuse for not blogging over the weekend. I was just too busy doing other 'stuff'.

This week is looking a little too 'big' right at the minute. The girls have both Girls Brigade and their Bible Study group this week. At school we have Book Week, Grandparents Day and Open Day. Mrs B and I have begun a clean-up list for the classroom so that we can work on some of those things as they need to be dealt with. I also found out that the Prep-2's have an excursion coming up, so I will do some Google Earth-ing to see what the ramps and steps are like in the area we'll be visiting. But I'm very excited about the prospect! Excursions are always a really great fun day and I think that since I've mastered that area with prams in the past, I'll be fine with a student in a wheelchair!

I've done a little self preservation planning with my menu this week, opting for pre-cooked and easy-to-prepare meals where possible. Althought I need to find out what the go is for my parents, who have been invited to join us for Grandparents Day!

Monday: Chicken Wraps
Tuesday: Chicken & Corn Soup, Yum Cha nibblies
Wednesday: L/O lasagna, salad, garlic bread
Thursday: Ricotta fritters, vegetables
Friday: Homemade Pizza
Saturday: Potaot and Leek Soup, ham & cheese toasted sandwiches
Sunday: Warm chicken salad, bread & butter

With Miss Sunshine and myself both opting for wheat free diets right now, there will be some adjustments to be made with pizza bases and the type of bread we use. I had wanted to have mini crossiants on Saturday but my eczema (and hers) has flared this past week so I think it would be better not to tempt myself with even one!


Rel said...

What? No more pink?

Had my Costco experience today with Misty - my, my it was interesting but definitely bargains to be had!

Hope your week goes well.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Tracy, I'll be thinking about you this week while I'm getting ready for next week and the first day of school. Hope you get a minute here and there to put your feet up and relax!


Tracy said...

No, no pink. Would you believe it, I got bored and need something a little fresher. I wanted green but the only green looked pukey with the pink.

I was thinking of Misty on Monday. I can't wait to hear all about the trip. I'm sure it was an adventure!

Frances, I did manage a little bit of that relaxing ~ I sent Dh to pick the girls up last night :) Thank you!