Friday, 7 August 2009

Drop Bears

I've learned a new song in the last six weeks. It's a special song that 5-7yo's adore. And I have to say, this somewhat older 'kid' loves it just as much. The tune is catchy and the words are very cute. Watching Prep student do the actions is even cuter still.

I have to say, more than anything, I like Jennie's idea of a Drop Bear. This Drop Bear seems cute, cuddly and a little bit uncoordinated in a most endearing way. Nothing like the vicious creatures of Australian folk lore that live in trees, poised to attack passers by. If I met one of Jennie's Drop Bears, I suspect we'd do a little toe dance out along a tree and blink our shiny little peepy eyes at each other. I would hope someone would catch us when we landed on their shoulder, upside down.

I wish I could find the sound track for this song so you could truly know what I'm on about! Miss Sunshine thinks I've gone nuts ~ I break out into the chorus quite often. "Please Mum, please STOP!" she cries in that 13yo-My-Mum-Is-So-Embarrassing kind of way that 13yo's do. Miss Mischief and Mr Busy has a little more appreciation for fine music, no matter how butchered the rendition.

Drop Bear
Words and Music by Jennie Flack

A drop bear bear
Is a brown bear bear
A shiny eyed, peepy eyed
Brown bear bear
It's very hard to tell
If he's the right way up
Until he lands -plop-
Upon your shoulder

Well a drop bear bear
Lives in the forest
Yearh yeah in the trees in the forest
He's got a little problem
He can't see in the dark
Oh no
What a blow


Well a drop bear bear
Sleeps in the day time
Yeah yeah
He's awake in the night time
He does a little toe dance
out along a long branch
Then he drops
What a drop
'Till he lands
With a plop
Upon your shoulder



Left-Handed Housewife said...

I looked for this song on You Tube, but couldn't find it. I guess you'll just have to record yourself singing it and upload it to the blog. Can't wait!


Tracy said...

ROFL. Don't hold your breath!

Joy McD said...

Hee hee! What a cute song! If you won't sing it on youtube, you'll have to sing it next year when we're camping :)

Tracy said...

I could get my kids to help me with it Joy ~ you might have yourself a deal with that one!

Anonymous said...

I found this link

Enjoy :)

TJ Withers said...

A huge thanks to "Anonymous" for posting that link! Wherever did you find it?
I've been looking for this song to show to my friends, who didn't believe me!
Now that I've found it, they're going to show it in class at school.