Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I love Wednesday's

I always love Wednesday's because it is the one day that I spend in one classroom all day long. I know that means a full day for Mrs B, but for me, it means a lot less running around and more sane pace to the day.

This week my whole week, so far, has been quite sedate with my Preppie still unwell. It's funny ~ other teachers wonder what I do when my young charge is not there for me to concentrate on. in all classrooms, there is always a myriad of other tasks that can be completed. For example, if he is still away tomorrow, I will spend the first lesson dealing with homework folders and returning readers. Today I spent quite a bit of time one-on-one with different children helping them master the art of writing on dotted third paper.

Miss Sunshine had a day at work with her Daddy today. I discovered last night, after some pretty awful behaviour, that she has some 'stuff' going on at school. This morning the poor girl was feeling a little under the weather, but not in a quantifiable, detectable kind of way that this mother likes to be able to measure. We decided some mental space away from school for a day would do her little harm and in fact, probably a lot of good. I suspect her physical ailments are more stress induced than really being unwell. This is quite a 'first' for me. My kids have usually got to be really unwell to be allowed a day off. I hope that come tomorrow she'll be feeling a little more resilient and ready to keep perservering.


belinda said...

Good Luck,

I hope this isn't what she is dealing with but from personal experience I do know teenage girls can be supremely cruel when they put their minds to it.

Mental health is just as important as physical health, she probably was really unwell, cudos to you for not making her body make her really ill to get the break she needed. A day at work with Dad is likely to be just what the mental health professional ordered. On the plus side it is not likely to be "fun" enough to prompt angling.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

I think the day, for her, was special enough to make her feel better and boring enough that she won't repeat for no reason.

She did write me a long letter outlining everything she/they had done and at the end said she'd missed her friends and her English/Multi-media teacher...which was very sweet, I thought. She looked quite chipper last night.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm glad the day off served Miss Sunshine well. Mental health days are important!