Thursday, 14 May 2009

Two Little Cuties

It is a rare occasion for which I pass up my sewing time in favour of other activities. This morning I had double reason to be willing to let that time go. Firstly, I was reading for maths tests for my Year 7 student. In the second test he was done early so we had a chance to chat about stuff he enjoys ... it was good. We don't normally get to do that in the run of a normal class.

Between tests we had a new family come and look at the school for a second time. They're a large homeschooling family who are looking to enroll their children with us. I'd been asked if I could be available. One of their 5yo twins has a disability and would require adult assistance in order to spend some time in the playground. So as the older children were all escorted off with their guides for the morning, I was introduced to two of the most gorgeous little boys I've had the pleasure of meeting. They were absolutely delightful. We spent time in the playground, checking things out down there. They had their snack at the Prep picnic tables and then we checked out the Prep classroom....a few teachers meandered by and stopped to chat. Some of the kids asked "why's he in the wheelchair" to which the boys confidently gave their answer. I had to dash back off the high school, but when I was done I went back with some books, found the boys and we read til they were all set to go home. I suspect I will gain some extra working hours. But I'll tell you, spending time with these two will be no chore at all.

By the by, the Year 6's cubby house is amazing. The boys and I checked that out while we were down that way. What a work of art and architectual ingenuity. All from a stack of wood and sticks. One of the teachers said they've paved inside it....wonder where they got the pavers from?! Our kids don't know how good they've got it, being supplied with the necessary makings for elaborate bush-hut type cubbies!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I think you must be a great advertisement for your school--I bet those boys raved about you all the way home!


Tracy said...

I don't know about that Frances. I did see the family yesterday at our school anniversary day and Mum said the girls had come home raving and asking why they have to wait til June to start. They all looked really happy yesterday.