Wednesday, 20 May 2009

School Camp

I know this picture has nothing to do with 8-10 year olds going on school camp, but it appealed to me. Our first camping trip as a family was with a 19mo toddler and an 11wo baby. It was jolly hard work! If memory serves me, Dh had a wonderful holiday.

I doubt very much that the next three days will be any less exhausting than our family holidays in those early years. Twenty-five children and three full time adults bespeaks exhaustion in my mind! However, experience tells me that we will have a marvellous time together and that we'll all come home happy and with many shared bonding moments. My Year 3 student was, yesterday, at the point where he was really excited about going on camp. I showed him what we'd be getting up to and where the toilets were at the campsite (on a map). He'll be going home to sleep and then come right back first thing in the morning. Over the weekend he was feigning aches and pains that might prevent him from coming so to hear him say "I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight because I'm too excited" was exciting to me.

I've left little sticky notes on the bench to remind the girls & Dh of all the little things they need to remember. Somehow my writing it down carries more weight with Dh than if the girls just tell him. Their meals are organised and instructions are written (along with who needs to do what so the girls don't argue!). I've just got to leave some money with the receptionist at school in case Dh needs to send the girls home on the bus to his brother's place and they're all set. Mr Busy & I are all packed up and ready to go. I've got my wheat free snacks all organised. I now realise how much I appreciate attending camps at my BIL's site ~ his wife caters for special diets with graciousness and great care and although I know it is a bother, she makes it seem effortless.

I've even remembered to pack towels. It's a major achievement in my life ~ it's something I always seem to forget.

See you Friday.

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