Monday, 4 May 2009

Tummy Time

That day of the week again. I'm sure Monday comes around more often than any other day! I have a easy paced week planned for myself this week, without any study to do. Lots of reading and sewing preparation for my Block of the Month class to look forward to.

Also to look forward to, lots of yummy meals like...

Monday: Herbed Fish & vegies
Tuesday: Oven fried chicken & vegies
Wednesday: Gnocchi with bacon & mushroom sauce
Thursday: Ants Climbing Trees
Friday: Chicken Parmigana & vegies
Saturday: Mrs R's vegie soup
Sunday: Lasanga & salad...I think!

We've invited some friends over for lunch on Sunday, so I think that's the plan for now. I'm going to get my girls helping me prepare on Saturday. After all, Sunday is Mother's Day here and my kids are old enough to be extraordinarily useful!


Bec said...

Ants climbing trees? Sounds interesting!!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm working on making my kids extraordinarily useful. Please send tips!


Tracy said...

LOL. They just get older, taller and more capable. And then you go in for the 'kill' and require them to use their age, height & ability for your own purposes. They never knew what hit them!

Oh, you're as tall as me now? Cool. Now go hang out the washing will ya? She can't say "but I can't reach". Woohoo!