Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Necessity and Invention

I've been awake for a few hours now with two things turning over in my crazed mind. First, my major assignment requiring me to plan a small group activity and what on earth I will use as a 'motivational aid' to teach Year 3 students about division. A language activity would've been so much easier, of course. However, my Year 3 son is quite proficient with language. It's division he's having a bit of trouble coming to terms with. They say necessity is the mother of invention! So...I've planned the activity with the four learning styles in mind. I've put together one worksheet and sourced another off the net. I've drilled the children about the maths 'toys' they have available in their classroom and decided dinosaur counters would be perfect. I just need to add detail and explain what I'm thinking.

The other thing that has been turning over in my head is that whole wheat-free lunch quandary. Surprisingly, I have actually had a useful thought or two on the subject. So here are some ideas I've come up with (of course, made with gluten free flour):
  • homemade crepes ~ use like a wrap with your favourite sandwich fillings;
  • rice paper rolls, also filled with favourite sandwich fillings;
  • pasta salad;
  • homemade savoury muffins;
  • savoury pancakes;
  • cold quiche (my recipe is lovely when cold);
  • salads ~ make sure you include protein or you won't be satisfied for long;
Of course, if you have access to a microwave leftovers and soups work well. When I'm home I tend to do things like oven roasted tomatoes, soft polenta, mushrooms topped with ricotta and chopped pinenuts, a baked potato...those kinds of things. Of course, this is all when I'm feeling enthusiastic!


Cathy said...

Hello Tracy
Good luck with your assignment

I must have been lucky in that all my children mastered Maths and all it entails quite eaasily.

Division can be fun - we used to have oranges and apples and all sorts of produce as a tool but what they did enjoy was using tiny foil covered easter eggs - not so muc fun when one of the other little so and so's ( older brother or sister) would eat one when I wasn't looking and confuse me lol

Special diets must be a problem but you do seem to be coping quite well with it -
Take care

Left-Handed Housewife said...

The idea of having to come up with math lessons ... nightmare! I think I'd just hand out pies and say "Divide these, and leave me a piece." Or something equally brilliant.

Your ideas for lunch sound wonderful!


Tracy said...

I could've chosen a language activity. Either way I would've gotten stuck somewhere along the line so I figured I'd target what my own kids need. If all else fails, it'll be small group of 1 or 3!