Monday, 6 April 2009

Holiday Menu Planning

In theory, I have more time for planning meals and more time for cooking enticing, delicious feasts while we're on holidays. I say in theory because I'm lacking a little enthusiasm. Regardless, the locusts continue to devour everything in their path so meal generation must continue. What a shame their enthusiasm for eating isn't in direct proportion to my desire for cooking! I've managed to come up with a plan, this week, that looks more enthralling than I feel. What do they say? Fake it till you make it? That'd be me!

Monday: Lamb Moussaka, vegies
Tuesday: Quiche, potatoes, vegies
Wednesday: Ricotta Fritters (a hold over from the weekend)
Thursday: Chicken & Corn Soup, Chicken Won Tons
Good Friday: Pasta ~ 1/2 with mushroom sauce, 1/2 with roasted tomato, basil, pine nuts and parmigana cheese
Saturday: Beef Stroganoff
Sunday: Roast Lamb, vegies, lemon meringue pie for dessert.

We'll also be making hot cross buns on Friday. At this point I'm debating Friday's pasta. I'd love to make homemade pasta...and perhaps for the rest of the family I will. But I need to keep a lid on how much wheat I'm eating. Something to juggle.

Since Sunday is Resurrection Day I thought I'd get fancy and make a dessert. A rarity here but sometimes you just have to celebrate with something special. It's a tradition I'd really love for my family to enjoy.


On the subject of food, Sixty Minutes had a fabulous story last night about food and growing your own. I was cheering Liz Hayes on from the distance that is my home a way out here. If you want to read the story about the 'Backyard Revolution', click here. Finally, someone in the media is saying what I've been thinking for a long time ~ our food is making us sick. I loved the lady who said "if your great great grandmother wouldn't recognise it, then it's not food". She said this in relation to much of what we find in our supermarkets. All those 'foods' that are full of all kinds of nasty little things that have me cooking and baking at home from scratch.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

The backyard revolution stuff is right up my alley (as well you know); I'll have to check out that link. I read Nourishing Traditions, by the way; have I told you that (I first read about it on your blog)? Very interesting stuff, and a lot of it makes good sense to me. I'm baking and cooking at home from scratch for the same reason as you are--I'm concerned about all those ingredients on the label I can't pronounce!


Tracy said...

It's an eye-opening read, isn't it! I've pulled mine out again to devour along with my breakfast. I'm glad you've found it so valuable.