Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Today's Adventures

Today is the last bright sunny day of school holidays. I feel like I've been desperately longing for this day and yet wishing to hold it off with just as much effort. There is so much I wanted to do and yet didn't. I have, however, read 5 books in the space of a week. That's a whole other story.

My BIL and his wife popped in last night....and left way past my bedtime! The kids and I will head out there this morning so I can check out some details for our Women's Retreat. A perfect day for morning tea I think. I've sent Miss Sunshine off to make some muffins to take with us. She has enthusiastically complied. She gets to bake...and then she gets to eat. What more could a girl with her surname wish for?!

Later today I'm hoping to find some time to be in the kitchen myself. I'm going to try making scones with gluten free flour. I have no idea what to expect. At worst, I can make a bread and butter pudding with the results if there are terribly unsatisfactory. I'm hoping they'll be perfectly cloud-like and then maybe I can have something to eat with soup.

A very dear friend of mine popped in yesterday with a quite belated birthday present. This one was worth waiting for. She'd made me brownies with gluten free flour. They are wickedly rich and deliciously gooey. Dh wanted to share them with his brother last night....I guarded them jealously.

My final adventure for the day is an exercise my dear friend gave me to work through. I'd gotten to a brick wall with something and she's given me a map to get over it. I'm excited about the prospect of moving beyond the road block.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hope you had a nice outing. Love the picture at the top of this post. Makes me look forward to summer!

Isn't it lovely when a friend takes the trouble to make you something that takes a little extra effort--and is chocolate?


Tracy said...

Food for the soul, Frances!!!

I left my kids with BIL. The deal is they will drop them back and I'll make dinner. A good deal I reckon. An afternoon pottering at my whim and fancy without refereeing three rambunctious children.

The Vintage Rose said...

Hope your gluten free scones turn out. I find they are best fresh - hot buttered, or eaten cold, same day, with jam and cream. I have frozen them also, so I can have scones when other people are having normal flour ones, they are not quite as light and fluffy - white wings gf flour works, but are quite soda tasting, hence jam and cream good cover-up.

Tracy said...

I never got to do them yesterday ~ maybe today!

I don't like the white wings flour. It tastes and smells awful. Have always found the Orgran brand works well though.