Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tuesday Catch Up

In resistance to my childrens' constant suggestion that fish 'n chips would be a great dinner, tonight was a rather uninspired dig through the recipe books for an alternative to chicken & corn soup.  No creamed corn sent me on that adventure.  Nigella, of course, came to the rescue and we ended up with an Asian flavoured chowder to go with our mini chicken dim sims.  It always pays to keep an ecclectic clutch of ingredients that otherwise seem to be unrelated.  Potato, prawns and frozen corn kernels.....who knew they could be so good together.  What's more it was fast.  You have to be happy with dinner that is prepared, cooked and served within 20 minutes.
My first couple of days with students has been surprisingly pleasant.  I've spent most of my time with my most challenging student and will begin popping out to other classes in the next few days.  His first day last year was characterised by extreme opposition, attempting to throw a desk at me, a pinch here and there and the charming "I wish you were dead" thrown my way.  This year?  Calm, obedient, staying in the classroom.  We actually went to the whole-school assembly this year and he sat with his class and wiggled no less than anyone else.  This afternoon Mr Busy asked if I'd been wrestling with the two boys that tend to require it.  Nope - I won all the battles.  And this particular child wrote 35 words today.  Yesterday he wrote 7.  I'd say it was a good day.
After recently (end of last year) making the bold decision to move from our church of 19 years to somewhere different I have been acutely aware of the friendships I value most.  Last night I spent an evening with one of my precious and dear friends.  She surprised me with the small gift of a new bracelet in just the style that I adore....whispery tinkles, pretty, pink....perfect.  I wore it to work today.  The Year 2/3 girls declared it beautiful (and it is...I love it!) and the boy I work with said I must be very rich to have so many pretty bracelets.  I told him none of them are terribly expensive but they are pretty!  My new bracelet if all the more special because of the dear friend who spontaneously thought of me when she saw it.


Rel said...

xo xo

Left-Handed Housewife said...

So glad the school term is starting off well. Interesting to hear about the church move--I've had several friends change churches recently. I hope to stay at the church we're at for a long time to come, but you never know ... sometimes a change is good, and sometimes it's just necessary. Hope you feel good about your choice.


Tracy said...

We'd never dreamed that we'd have reason to move either Frances. But by the end of the year I came to the clear realisation that I could not stay there any longer. Dh was waiting for me to come to that decision.

Already our children are flourishing in ways that were not possible where we were and it is further confirmation that we have made the right choice.