Monday, 2 January 2012

From the Depths

The contents of one of my freezer drawers

In a post-Christmas I-just-can't-do-anymore-shopping stupor we've been eating mostly out of the depths of our freezer.  Much to Miss Mischief's chagrin this means very little chicken is to be found and I'll not be shopping 'til about Thursday or Friday, so the poultry famine is set to be lengthy.  Rather, we've still got some beef from back when we bought a freezer full from friends who had a lovely organic beast butchered.  Our recent trip to Costco means hot dogs for lunches, should we remember them at the proper time!  And then there is the requisite minced beef and pork, sausage mince, the remainder of a packet of prawns and a medley of all kinds of frozen vegetables.  There is actually some chicken wing packages in there somewhere too.

This overflowing little storage facility has meant that there has been no menu planning whatsoever going on.  But then there has neither been the frenzy of activity that requires it.  Very hot days and Dh being home while the office is closed has meant lots and lots of resting and DVD watching is almost all that has happened around here, sprinkled with the odd visitor for lunch.

Tonight, given the current outdoor temperature of 39.1C (102F) we'll be having one of my favourite summer-friendly Nigella recipes - Anglo-Asian Lamb Salad.  Lamb that is cooked and sliced, then steeped in a bath of delicious flavours and served over salad.  Of course, we have mountains of beef, so I'll simple substitute the meat and it will all turn out fine!  Rather than cooking potatoes we'll have bread and butter with it.  I think there's still watermelon for dessert.

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This is how we survive the heat on scorching summer days:  food that barely needs cooking and the wonder of evaporative cooling.  Thank you, God - what a blessing!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I can hardly bring myself to shop after Christmas, either. I wish I had a freezer full of good beef to get me through these uninspired days!

I hope you survive your heat. We're about to get hit with our first real cold spell of the season after a month of mild weather. Will may actually have to wear long pants to school!


Tracy said...

I can reassure you - there are boys at our school that never wear long pants through the winter. Then again we don't get snow. Maybe that would change things.

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