Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Baking Plans

Fruit mince tarts - photo from a couple of years back.

I'm finally preparing to shop again.  For groceries.  I still can't bear to think about shopping for other things.  In thinking about menus and shopping lists I've also planned for some baking.  A cool change came through last night so we're back to rainy weather with cooler days that seem to beckon one to the kitchen and where turning on the oven is not an abhorent idea.

We've a week of camping planned with some friends, which is coming up faster than I realise.  We don't share the cooking of meals, having realised some 16 years ago that it doesn't work when families have different routines and tastes.  But the sharing of baked goodies is always enthusiastically embraced.  So....thanks to some inspiration from some precious young people who love to eat what I cook this is the list I'm picking from.  

Chocolate Chip Slice
Coffee cake (iced)
Orange cake (iced)

I'd love to do it all, but I realise my stamina for baking is somewhat limited.  Perhaps some more Nigella: Forever Summer viewing might inspire me to potter serenely?  Certainly home-baking is the antidote to store-bought snacks that are filled with who-knows-what.  Perhaps a couple of sessions will get much of it done.

What are you baking this week?


Leisa said...

Today I'm trying Blueberry Muffins from Monica Trapaga's book, "She's Leaving Home". My daughter bought it for herself when she left home last year to go to uni. So far, everything we've cooked or baked from that book has been delicious!

Tracy said...

Yum - that sounds delicious. I have fond memories of visiting with Monica every day when she was on Play School. Of course - that was for the kinds ;)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Chocolate cookies and birthday cake for the Man, whose birthday is Saturday. I'm a little wary/weary of baking as well ... enough already! But homemade is nicer than store bought, and cheaper, too ... sigh.


Tracy said...

I tell myself that when I front up at the kitchen for a baking session. It seems to work best if I do a couple of things at my time there was more worthwhile.

The two cakes missed their opportunity. Shame - I have a stack of oranges!