Saturday, 26 April 2008

Simple Saturday

Above is my current project. It's yet another thing that has been sitting about waiting on me to return to it. It's just a little thing but oh so simple and very relaxing to just sit and stitch. I can get frames for under $5 so the entire project is very inexpensive too, given that I have meters and meters of calico for some reason!

One of the things we enjoy is meandering through Op Shops. This morning we headed off down to Savers in Dandenong to pick up a few needed items ~ pyjamas for Mr Busy, shoes for Miss Mischief, but alas there were no black shoes her size. However, she came away with two pretty little zippered fleecy jackets. Mr Busy also added to his sparse collection of jumpers. I scored a denim skirt and a shirt that needs the hem line shortened. Miss Sunshine found a hat.

My favourite find was a lovely big cane basket for only $10. These are well over $50 brand new and the size I found is probably more likely to be $80-$100 so I think my $10 was very well spent. I'm up for some plastic bag free shopping now!

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Dianne said...

Congratulations on your $10 find! It sounds like the basket will come in handy. I like your craft projects. I love needlework so fulfilling!