Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday's Menus

Funny how quickly time flies. I've spent the day wondering what to post about today...only to remember it's Monday. Duh. That's menu day. If you're looking to me for inspiration this week I'm afraid I won't be a whole lot of help! Our family is going in two directions this week and then we have birthday party plans, and so my menu plan reflects a distinct lack of home-cookedness (if that's a word...well it is now! LOL)

Monday: Moussaka and steamed vegies
Tuesday: Chicken & Dumplings
Wednesday: Girls away, boys: l/o frozen vegie lasagna & garlic bread
Thursday: Girls away, boys: fish & chips (special treat, since us girls are away)
Friday: Roast chook with roasted vegies, chocolate fondant for dessert
Saturday: Dinner at a nice spiffy restaurant
Sunday: I have no idea ~ I haven't planned as far as May yet!!!!!

My Mum & Miss Sunshine share a birthday on Friday, hence the special dessert and dinner out. This is a special birthday for Mum, so it will be a fantastic weekend....once us girls get home and recuperate from camp!

Sorry for the lack of inspiration! Still...we're all looking forward to an exciting week.

Do you have any idea how much organisation it takes to go away for two days and leave kids at home???!!!!! LOL


Tracy said...

Oh, yes, it takes tons of organization to go away and leave the kids behind! When my grandma died in March and I went back home for the funeral, I had less than 12 hours from the time I booked mt plane ticket until I had to leave, and the majority of those hours were overnight. Thankfully I had a stocked freezer and pantry. My daughters and I went trough, and I made a list for the front of the fridge of what to make for dinner every night, as well as who needed to be where for what. My husband was very grateful that it was ll in one place.

Dianne said...

You must be so organized to get all the things done that you do. I have never been away where my children were left at home but my situation is different than yours since I was a single Mom. Actually I couldn't be away and leave my children but there were times when I wished that I could have..just once anyway. It must take some planning.

Tracy said...

If I was a single parent it wouldn't even be possible Dianne. It is only that my husband is happy for me to go and that he is willing to be there for Mr Busy that I'm even able. And I am so grateful to him for allowing me to do this!!

I'm part way through making pizza scrolls...for us girls for lunches tomorrow and for Mr Busy to just pull out of the freezer for the next two days. I aim to make it as easy for the 'boys' as possible.