Monday, 21 April 2008

Monday's Marvelous Menus

Our menu is planned and all set to go and I've started working on my shopping list for this week.

Monday: Chicken Curry with Brown Rice (Nourishing Traditions recipes)
Tuesday: Crockpot Chicken Casserole with pasta (or I'll do enough rice for two meals)
Wednesday: Beef Pot Roast
Thursday: h/m fish & chips
Friday: h/m Meat pie with vegies (ANZAC Day)
Saturday: Chicken & Dumpling Soup
Sunday: Quiche & salad

Have you planned your menu yet?

If you feel a little bit challenged in this department but think you might benefit, why don't you start small and plan for two days at a time. That way you'll be able to use the crockpot if you have one and know that you'll have everything you need to make the meal you want to.


kansas crochet mom said...

your menu looks yummy! would you mind sharing the recipe for the casserole chicken?

Anonymous said...

Yummy as usual Tracy! I plan a couple of days in advance. I used to plan a week ahead but I need to be more flexible these days.

Love your menu this week!

Love, Tina :)

Dianne said...

I use to plan my menu's ahead to help prepare my shopping list and then when I was working sometimes, I didn't and just decided in my head about three meals and what I would need to buy to fix thoses meals thinking that I would probably have left overs enough for another two meals at least.

I got out of the habit but your question makes me think that I ought to go back to that system because I sometimes buy staples that I already have and miss some that I need when at the store.

If I planned my menu than I could shop for that menu. I probably would save on groceries and also not buy things I don't need.

Good Post! Thanks for the tip.



Rel said...

You are my hero!!!

Planning menus...I wish I had the organisation you do :)