Friday, 25 April 2008

ANZAC Day Beyond My Picket Fence

It's ANZAC Day here in Australia. For us, this means we watch a bit of the Melbourne Anzac Day parade on the ABC. We make Anzac Biscuits and we stay home and enjoy a quiet day together.

Kate, at Our Red House has written a wonderful post replete with photos from the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance and Anzac biscuits. Her recipe is identical to ours and the picture is almost identical to what you would expect to see from me, so I'm going to send you over to her blog for a peek there if you're interested...rather than double up all over the place.

Dh's oldest brother and his wife popped in around lunch time, brining bread rolls, stras & cheese to share with us for lunch ~ we provided the Anzac Bikkies for afternoon tea! I had spent the morning on Miss Mischief's new nightie, and finished it after lunch. My sewing machine is right in the family room so I was in the middle of where everyone was whilst they were fiddling with computers. Below is the finished product.

It went together very easily. I managed to make an entire garment without ANY unpicking! Quite a milestone for me. Anna, at Pleasantview School House has inspired me to be more careful and diligent with my sewing and therefore ending up with a more pleasing result. I'm planning to embroider some little rosebuds or lavender or something around the seam line of the yolk just to pretty it up a little. But if it doesn't get done by Wednesday it really doesn't matter. I'm also thinking that at $5/m for the flannel fabric, I may just surprise Miss Mischief with a few different colours!

We're having meat pie for dinner tonight, so I had better get on with it, or my family will be eating me instead!


Anonymous said...

The nightgown looks brilliant. I can always think of excuses not to sew but I should try to do some soon. You've inspired me.

Thank you so much for the link -- always appreciated!


kansas crochet mom said...

I love the nightgown! You did a wonderful job. :)

Your holiday sounds interesting. I am headed over to check out the pictures. :)

Tracy said...

The nightie is beautiful! Your daughter will be very pleased!

Kirstin said...

Hello, I got to your blog through Kate at Our Red HOuse. What a cute nightie. Several years ago, my mother in law sewed matching night gowns that resembled this one for my daughters, but she added caps to it...the kind they wore in the PIoneer days (Little House on the Prairie), my youngest still wears hers when she's cold.

Tracy said...

Thank you all for the encouragement. Miss Mischief was in her nightie before 7pm and looking very cosy!

Welcome Kirstin, it's nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Oh Tracy, you made a wonderful job of the nightie! So pretty!

Love, Tina :)