Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Scented Scourge of Summer

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I've been trying very hard to think that an early morning walk is an enjoyable way to get in some much needed exercise.  It's not the early morning bit that is the problem!  Early morning walks in Our Town are quite an event.  During the week peak time is anywhere from 6am to 8am.  Before the town gets busy and you need to dodge school kids and shoppers.  I'm go on the early end, so I don't have to see so many people.  It's the introvert in me, I guess.  Especially since it requires some semblance of mental wakefulness, as walkers always greet one another with a smile and "morning" as they pass one another.  It's quite a culture; one I took some adjusting to when we first moved here!  Down in the suburbs you just looked at the ground and pounded along without looking at fellow walkers.

As well as not really being an exercise lover, my efforts are also being challenged by chestnut flowers.  I walked out the door this morning and I was hit with a face full of chestnut flower smell.  There is one lone tree, across the road and down a few houses, and it absolutely stinks.  It seems this is something to which only some blessed people are sensitive.  Miss Mischief and I can barely breathe for the strong smell.  The rest of the family don't really notice it.

I hope those neighbours like chestnuts - there has to be some good reason for that tree to smell so bad!  Personally, I don't even like the nuts.  We had a chestnut tree right outside our house once.  I tried them, as fresh as they could possibly be.  They did nothing for me.

Fortunately once I get passed that tree everything is sweet smelling.  Birds chirping, ants crawling, bees buzzing and people saying good morning.  I guess it's worth braving that first whiff of chestnut for a few weeks.

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Julie H said...

I think chestnuts are completely different and much better when they are roasted