Friday, 6 January 2017

Shades of Pink

It's not often I do a load of laundry.  Hubby is the washer-man in our household.  Every now and then I do gather up a load of whites or delicates, or in this case, pinks.  I realised, only today, how many of my tops are pink, when I had hung everything on the line.  I had one delicate top, so threw in a handful of coloureds to make the load slightly worthwhile.  You can see one apricot-coloured shirt behind the front line.  Otherwise, they're all shades of pink, from light to very dark burgundy.

Despite what this looks like, I do own other colours.  Like a green and blue.  But mostly pink.

What's your favourited clothing colour?  Is it deliberate or purely accidental?


Joolz said...

I am pretty much a monotone girl. Black and white are my go to colours, you can always find something to mix and match. I do like other colours but I hate to stand out...

Joolz xx

Tracy said...

My 20yo is a black and white girl too. And my husband. And my son. Dh has a black polo with his business logo on it. Mr Busy wants to be like his they both wear these shirts day in, day out. I have no idea what Miss Sunshine's deal is!