Saturday, 14 January 2017

Fresh Eyes

I began the summer holidays with some stitching, and discovered I couldn't see that well.  Again.  The last time I got my lens prescription updated, stitching was the instigator!  Yesterday I went and picked up my new specs - two for the price of one, thank you very much Spec Savers.

The black will stay at home, the pink will go everywhere else I go.  I have had two sets before and found it very helpful in preventing those forgetful moments, where I neglect to take my glasses with me.  I cannot tell you how often I phone Mr Busy at about 7.30am with a "Can you please find *xyz* and bring it to school with you?" phone call.  He makes an excellent courier, by the way.  His bus arrives at school right as we finish staff devotions so we connect on his way to his classroom and I am reunited with whatever it is I've phoned him to bring.

Glasses and computer cords top the list of things I forget. Once it was earrings.  He thought that was a tad weird, but the girls helped out with that one.

I can now read small print, thread a needle and get that needle in the right spot.  It's meant losing a little distance vision while I'm wearing the glasses - but I can peer over the top to get that!  I cannot tell you how much I leave seeing clearly!!!

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