Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Fun - 20yo Style

Miss Sunshine's car is off the road for a couple of days, thanks to a cracked windscreen.  This morning I drove her, just like old times, to one of her friend's homes for some good old fashioned girlfriend time.

And what do 20yo young women do when they get together?  Make gingerbread houses, of course.  It matters not that the season for such things is now passed.  You wouldn't want to let that get in the way of a good thing!

I love that these three girls, who spent most of their Primary years and all of their Secondary with each other, and that they still value their friendship.  They spend the whole day making gingerbread and then creating cute little cottages - one each to share with their families.  Miss Sunshine's is now missing half a roof.  The most delicious roof you ever did taste!

Of course life with a 20yo is never smooth sailing, especially if said child is one that needs to be the boss of her own space.  I believe "tanty" adequately explains the whining little hissy fit that happened as we left the house.  Something about sap and having just washed her car.  If only life was so perfect that sap never happened!

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