Tuesday, 24 January 2017

And then I went back to work.

I'm still not convinced I'm ready to return to work, even after I started back yesterday.  By lunch time I was desperate for an afternoon nap, but decided hiding under my desk to do so was probably not going to go down well.  We had someone sign himself out, a few years ago, and then have a nap under his desk.  To say his wife was frantic, when he wasn't at home, nor thought to be at school, is an understatement!  So no nap.

But rhubarb relish.  I had my favourite lunch, and the Secondary Indonesian teacher questioned me "is that all you have".  I told her yes, but it was sooooo good.  But it comes with lots of containers - for crackers, and cheese, and butter, and relish.  My teaching partner had a little taste of some leftover and she wants the recipe.  One of the others in my teaching team has parents in law with lots of rhubarb plants.  I suggested she could hand some my way, because I now know I'll never have enough!

The other issue, my return to walk highlighted, is the dinner cooking situation.  The children seemed to forget that I was out all day until 5.45pm, and they were home.  Dinner was meant to be quiche.  It was frozen chicken pieces (from Costco) with a pasta salad Miss Sunshine had made the kids for lunch, and had intended to eat today as well.  Too bad, I say, since she didn't make dinner.

I find that if Dh continues his laundry ways and the kids can cook dinner, I seem to manage alright.  Coming home at 6pm and having to cook?  Not so great.

What helps you manage the home/work juggling act?


Amy HandbagMafia said...

It's such a struggle, isn't it!

Renee Wilson said...

Hmm it can be a juggle!!! I find planning and freezing meals ahead helps. Congrats on your return to work. It sounds like you've settled in nicely already. #teamIBOT

Maria Parenti-Baldey said...

How's your voice. Mine started cracking a little on day 2. This tells me I didn't talk enough during the holidays. Our class has 50 students with two teachers. We teach different subjects to the lot, while the other walks around. We usually do 1/2hr timeslots each and then change to a different subject, but the first couple of days is learning class routine etc., Good luck with getting back into the routine.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I work at home, so that helps! But last week I did some school visits and was absolutely beat by the end of the day. One day we had leftovers, the next day I sent the Man out for burgers! Not a great long-term strategy, I realize, but it did in a pinch. I think my next project for my boys is to have them cook dinner one night a week. Let's see if I follow through with this!


Tegan Churchill said...

I don't work but I found I was exhausted after that first day back at school and back into a routine. I had predicted we would be though and planned an easy dinner of tacos.