Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The day I knew I needed to go back to work....or something

Today has been a day!  So far I have attempted to leave my house three times - I have one more to go.

Scenario 1:
Miss Sunshine woke me up at 8.45am to tell me we had to go in 10 minutes.  I raised my just-woken-up head from the pillow and questioned where we needed to go.  I had promised to pick up her best friend and take them down to the movie cinema.  Apparently.  Maybe I vaguely remember something about that, but really, at 8.45am??  What was she thinking?

Scenario 2:
I had to go back and pick the girls up from the cinema.  At the time I should have been there I realised I shouldn't have been at home.  Talk about panic...I raced out the door yelling "I'm going to get Miss S....I'll be baaaccckkkk". 

Scenario 3:
I popped in to the mum of Miss Sunshine's friend when we dropped her off.  We're chat-chat-chatting and then at 1.05pm I suddenly went "OH NO, I shouldn't be here.  I have to go out!"  Miss Sunshine sorted out L Plates and such and off we went.  I got home, grabbed all my bits and pieces and rushed out the door with an apple and a banana because God made great fast food.

Good news though:  the girls got to their movie a little late but thanks to advertising didn't miss a second.  I remembered to pick them up and was there before they got out.  And I made it to work on time, and since they moved the meeting time back half an hour I had time to catch up, eat a banana (because who has time to eat when they need to leave the house yesterminute?), have a drink and set myself up.

People, it is really bad when you realise you no longer have the ability to leave the house in order to get to all the places.  I need to be at the physio at 9am tomorrow.  I'll probably be awake at 4am worrying about whether or not I'll remember to wake up, get up and get there.

I have now done all the work I have planned for the year - presenting a PD to my former colleagues.  I need a job.  I wander about the house moaning "I'm soooooo bored", but then when I have something to do I can't figure out how to get there.  And now I need to leave in 30 minutes...and the child I have to take needs food.

Jesus please help my brain come back.  None of us can operate if my brain falls over.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

It's hard being without a routine to structure your day around! I hope and pray you get a job soon!


EssentiallyJess said...

I was so glad when school went back because the routine helps me! Mind you we are still a bit rusty on it, but at least it gives us some help!
Hope your brain comes back soon xx