Saturday, 10 January 2015

En Route - Launceston to Hobart

Entally House Conservatory

One of the things that has always amused me about Tasmanians is their perspective about how long a trip will or should take.  When I was 18 and Dh and I were staying with my great aunt and uncle they declared a trip from Burnie to Hobart via the west coast was a two-day trip.  We were sure it was a gently-paced, meandering kind of whole day drive.  We were right.  No need to stop overnight.

Neither was there any need to stop overnight on the drive from Launceston to Hobart.  We did take our time.  Dh met with a coffee guy he had met at a market while Miss Mischief and I hit the bookshops in town.  I hesitate to call Launceston a city - it's so small and intimate!  Then met up again and hit the historic homesteads of Entally House and then Clarendon House.  I have always adored these old homes and I was keen to share them with our kids.  The two houses are in general same vicinity just south of Launceston.

 Entally House

Clearly I'm not the photographer in the family!  I'm sure Miss Sunshine got a much straighter shot!  In any case, Entally House and Clarendon House were both built around the same time (early 1800's), both by people who were considered incredibly wealthy.  What struck me was how pokey Entally House is, inside, compared to the grandeur and space of Clarendon House.  Especially when it comes to staircases!!!  The former with a nerve-racking version that felt more like a ladder and the latter with a wide spacious staircase on which one could easily play all day if they were so inclined.

Clarendon House

These poor old houses are showing their age, especially the stately Clarendon, with water damage requiring a new roof and works going on in the basement level.  Interestingly we were not allowed to photograph inside Clarendon.  Although curious I did not enquire about the odd request.  Whilst Entally has been furnished with a number of pieces that are either original to the house or to match photographs, Clarendon House has been staged in keeping with the time period, but not necessarily pieces that match photographic evidence.  Perhaps that's why?

Once we had delved into history and enjoyed a little step back in time - and a devonshire tea for morning tea - we hopped back in the car and headed off on our two-hour drive to Hobart.  Note to self - next time, go through Richmond.  If only I'd known to look for those signs instead of the Hobart ones.  It would have saved us quite a bit of time....and having to drive through a torrential downpour.  So much for Hobart being the driest capital city in Australia!

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