Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Practicing Abundance

After you've done lots of thinking on something the best way to really learn it is to put it into practice.  Well, that's what my kinaesthetic self says.  A very precious friend from work (where I don't work anymore, but where my children still go to school....so I'm kind of still there....) moved house today.  The move was the result of a circumstances completely beyond her control, desire or choice.  Circumstances that are achingly gut-wrenching.  So today a few of us gathered to get her and her two young-adult aged children moved and re-settled.  Mr  Busy and I spent the whole day there because if you are moving house you need Mr Busy.  He is a house-moving gun and has been since he was three. 

When Dh and I popped over yesterday to assess the situation I offered to organise lunch for everyone who would be there to help with the move.  I prepared sandwiches and muffins for about 12 people.  When I offered I thought I'd have to do a bit of a shop, but as it turned out I only needed bread.  My pantry and refrigerator already contained the abundance I needed to care for my friend and those of us who needed sustenance throughout the day. 

It turned out to be a bit of a loaves and fishes affair, as there ended up being about 15 of us for lunch.  There was enough for everyone to eat their fill with a surprising amount leftover.  And that was eaten for afternoon tea in the new house (and still there was more leftover!!), washed down by a pot of tea.

Let me tell you about the abundance I didn't know I had....

Last time I was at Costco I had bought some tinned chicken, because Miss Mischief insisted.  I hadn't known what to do with it so it's been waiting for me to find inspiration, which I did and that inspiration required the celery and spring onions I had in the fridge, which needed to be used. 

A friend was here for dinner on Sunday night and she brought me a dozen eggs from her chookies at home. 

I had ham and lettuce and avocado from my last grocery shop and the avocados have just come ripe.  All I needed was to buy bread.  Literally everything else was already here. 

I always have frozen raspberries in the freezer and Dh always makes sure we have bananas so the muffins were also taken care of before I even began.  And the kids haven't eaten the grapes as fast as they normally do, so I took a kilo of those with us as well.

We had sandwiches with:
egg and lettuce
chicken salad (oh my goodness I love the southern recipe I found for this!!!)
ham, avocado and lettuce

From a willingness to choose an abundance perspective 15 people ate well without worry from whence their food would come.  They were free to work hard until it was time to eat.  My friend was blessed and cared for on a very difficult day.

And I experienced the truth that, with God, there is always more than enough.

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EssentiallyJess said...

That's great Tracy. Good on you for blessing like that.
I love when you can do something so practical like that, that really helps others. Worrying about food when you're moving is the last thing anyone wants to do.