Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Year...Dreams and Possibilities

Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe we are into a new year already?  It feels like 2014 started just three minutes ago and now all of a sudden here we are into 2015.

At the moment this year seems to stretch before me with no plans and no certainties.  While others have declared that to be an exciting adventure and assure me a teaching position will undoubtedly be forthcoming I'm not so certain about either proclamation. Anxious uncertainty seems to be a frequent visitor and that annoys me no end.  I'd much rather have some direction and be organising myself for the year ahead.  Having said that I do have somewhat of a laundry-list of things I'd love to do around the house....all of which requires an income which allows for space to save up for such things, but if I were to dream of the possibilities this is what I would do:

  • Repaint the house, inside and out
  • Re-varnish the floorboards
  • Remove the half-wall between the meals and family room area.  It's a dumb, inconvenient thing!
  • Redo the kids bathroom and toilet.  Tiles were made for these areas - not floating floorboards or plaster walls!
  • Give the kitchen a facelift with a new facade and benchtop.  And switch the kitchen sink so it works in the opposite direction
  • Put a wood heater insert into the fireplace
Lots of dreams and possibilities there.  Mostly though, I'm dreaming of teaching in my own classroom.

Any dreams and possibilities in your outlook?

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Happy 2015! I agree--2014 went by in a blur. As you know, we're doing kitchen upgrades, and I hope we might do some work on our bathrooms as well. There's so much to be done, some days I don't know where to start!