Monday, 19 January 2015

Things to make you laugh, or at least smile...

This text conversation from this morning is still making me laugh-out-loud every time I think about it.  And I am still shaking my head in dismayed disbelief.  Said family member needs a sock intervention!

These two things made me smile today:
  1. First, I learnt how to take a screen shot on my phone.  Yes - I know you all knew how to do that already and I'm a dinosaur.  And...well, there's no excuse I guess.  Except I never needed or wanted to do this before.
  2. Second - I finally figured out why I couldn't highlight and write notes in my Bible app on my phone.  You need to be signed in.  I finally signed in.  It must have signed out after an update?
  3. Oh, third thing.  Because my iPad and phone are signed in to the same YouVersion account the highlights and notes sync automatically.
Are you wondering about the reason I had this text highlighted? 

In church yesterday our "God Stories" topic was about what happens when things don't go quite how you thought they would, even when you believed you were following what you thought God was telling you to do.  Haven't we all got a story on that topic?  I know I do!  And is not Job the absolute and highest example of that? 

Despite losing everything.  Every.  Thing.  Job chose to respond in worship and praise.   I'm pretty sure I don't do that.  No...I'm more of a David.  I pour forth questions and anguish and wring my hands in despair.  I may have even been known to head down the depression pathway once.  What Job did here, in acknowledging that God gives and God takes away, is to remind himself that God is still God, no matter what our circumstances would seem to tell us.  Even when it looks like God has left us hanging, or doesn't seem to be answering....or when the pathway you thought he had directed you down turns to dust.  Even then, God is still God and he has a reason for allowing things to occur in our lives.  He still deserves our worship and our praise because he is God.

You know what's really hard?  When you know with all of your being that something is true, but struggle to put that truth into practice in the every day.  And quite frankly, I don't really want a reason to put this into practice!  I'm content with hindsight.

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