Monday, 26 January 2015

Radio Silence...aka...internet ran out

Apparently we are now heavy internet users.  Well...four of us at home, not much to do, lots of interesting things to look at and know how it goes, I'm sure.  Unfortunately our internet download limits need to be upgraded and Telstra don't seem to want to talk to us (read, Hubby) about fixing our little internet problem.  Four months after this became an issue we're still waiting.  Ugh.  If only we had another option, we would dump Telstra in a heartbeat.  But we have no choice and they seem be taking advantage of this aspect of our relationship.

In the meantime, when our data download is used up we turn off the modem and use our iPhones as hotspots.  Beats the mind-numbing excess bill we get otherwise.  My phone won't talk nicely to my computer, so while I can do some stuff on my iPad, I am too impatient to try and make blogger work for me.  Technology!!!

So what have I been doing while I've been radio (or internet) silent?

I have been reading.  Three books in three days and then I found, so I started reading through archives there.  I love Glennon's fragile, cautious, brave writings and have found myself challenged and entertained.

I have been getting a bit silent.  Quiet.  Asking Big Questions and letting God speak to me and answer them.  Having figured out the whole notes/highlighting thing in my Bible app is helping me keep track of what I'm learning and understanding.

I have been sleeping in.  Oh. My. Goodness!  Did you hear that?  I've been sleeping in!!!!  I didn't know I could do that.  And to be really truthful, the sleep-in comes after a bad night with little sleep, so really I'm just catching up before I have to get out of bed.  But 9.30am is about when I wake up the second time.  The first two times this happened the kids wondered what was going on!

I have been noticing my house.  Ok, so this is seriously a first-world problem.  But it's also a stewardship issue, I think.  But my house needs painting.  Desperately.  I didn't notice how many chipped paint spots we have until I've had nothing much to do.  And I've been noticing how dark and unfriendly my kitchen looks (black benchtops, dark wood cupboards).  My friend, who just moved house, has pristine white cupboards and a caesarstone bench.  I'm in kitchen-love (not envy...not choosing envy).  One day I want to go and cook in her kitchen just because it's so beautiful.  I'm sure she won't mind if I leave her all the food.  Right?

I have been applying for the few jobs available that are in my area.  Feeling a little hopeless with this one, but God keeps whispering that he has something in store; that something is coming.  Is it wrong to wish for the perfect 4-day-a-week job that someone has and maybe, like, pray that teacher out of that role?  Yeah, maybe that's a little bit not OK.  Alright, patience and rest are my lessons right now.

And the other day I was an overcomer.  About once a week (or maybe twice a week, or maybe every day when I'm busy and tired) I hit a huge big wall and I CANNOT COOK ANOTHER MEAL, EVER IN MY LIFE.  We got some Village vouchers for Christmas so we went to organise tickets, because who wants to pay the man on the phone $25 when I could walk in and do it for free?  I could have that $25 for movie food!  Anyway, we went to organise tickets and Dh decided the line was too long so we should get a cuppa.  And shop for shirts for him.  Now he knows I am the world's worst shopper.  I rarely win in this game (although I did win when I had to buy orthotic shoes and new 3/4 denim pants at the last minute) and so it all just goes bad so fast.  I got home and the kids said "Dad, I think you broke her....what will do for dinner if she's all broken?"  I sat down and iced my little plantar faciitis foot, because, well...pain.  And I thought about buying dinner.  Really, seriously thought about it.  And then I thought about the roasted vegetable salad I had intended to make.  And that won out after 15 minutes of ice.  And less pain.  Dinner was super late but teenagers are less concerned about that than toddlers.  It was really, really yummy, and I definitely won.

Except Miss Sunshine has a thing for hot chips and well...she lost.  The cafe at church opens up again in February and she can have hot chips every Sunday if she wants.

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