Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Mending Brain Mush and Feet

We made it through our first day at school today.  But again, remembering how to get out of the house.  It's a whole thing.  I was aiming for 8.30am.  Tomorrow I'll aim for 8.20.  Perhaps then we'll get there before the bell.  I shoved Mr Busy out of the car just as the bell rang this morning.  Me apologising, him slamming the door and walking fast.  Easy to do at 6ft+.

I managed to make it, on time, to meet with one of the pastors at church, and she has agreed to help me with my bored and brain mush problems.  Actually she says I'm helping her, but we both know that's only a half truth.  I cannot tell you how many times I said "yep, I've done that before" or "oh, I already know how to do that", or "I just did that".  She thinks she's won the jackpot and all the other pastors are jealous.  Both the Senior and Youth pastors offered to take me off her hands.  Such gentlemen!  Anyway, my brain mush is starting to fade and I may very well make it back to the land of quick thinking.  It seems more possible now.

At the other end of my body, though, resides a very snarly foot, which is doing its darnedest to keep me mushy-brained.  I say snarly because it is swollen, red and very angry.  It alternates between itchy and painful; the result of an acute allergic reaction to medical adhesive tape.  Note to self:  there is no tolerating medical type tapes any more.  None.  Not a little bit or sometimes.  None.  I'm taking a photo diary for my physio.  I have been prescribed some heavy-duty antihistamine and cortisone medications along with rest.

And now, even though I need to keep my foot up, I need to do some things so we can eat dinner tonight.  Before I drift off.  Apparently the drug I need to deal with my immune system, that keeps you awake, is no match for heavy-duty antihistamine.  I don't think I'll need too much help with that rest.  Thank you phenergan! (actually I hate the stuff, which tells me I'm desperate!)


Janet Camilleri said...

Oh dear! What have you done to your foot - it sounds painful!

Visiting today from #teamIBOT x

Julie H said...

I have found instant relief using aloe vera on itchy skin caused by allergic reactions. Chemists stock it in its nearly pure form (97%?).