Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Day My Baby Drove Away

Last week we had a major first.  It felt bigger than all the other first's we've had, but perhaps I'm forgetting the magnitude of all the other milestones.

Last week Miss Sunshine got her driver's license.  She was ecstatic.  I was ecstatic.  We have worked very hard for her to get her 120 hours of experience in the space of 12 months.  She was a bit of a slow starter.  I took her down a quiet road just to get used to steering and stopping and going.  In her early days she began with a bit of stand-off on the front verandah with her Dad.

Dad:  You WILL get in the car!
Miss S:  No, Dad, I don't want to drive
Dad:  YOU WILL get in the car!
and so on....Dad won.

Last Wednesday my very reluctant learner driver hopped in my car and took herself off to work.  By herself.  As she left she said "I'm going now Mum".  And I panicked.

Me:  But who's going to remind you to go slow round those corners?
Miss S:  Mum, I'll be fine.
Me:  Who's going to remind you to do 60 on that dirt road, because 80 isn't safe?
Miss S:  Mum, really, I know!
Me:  But you've never done this before by yourself.  I'm not ready!
Miss S:  Bye Mum...I'll be fine.

And off she went.  Just like that.  By herself.

The photo above is evidence she arrived safely, not that we heard that from her.  The photo was put on facebook by her uncle, for whom she works.

As she was due to come home I sent her a text:  "watch out for the roos and wombats that will try to jump out at you." There was a dead wombat along part of that road yesterday morning....it happens around here.

I'm still not ready.  A 45 minute drive to Uni looms in her very near future.  So, so not ready!

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Janet Camilleri said...

Oh I hear ya. I felt the same when Mr 20 got his licence; and more recently, when Miss 18 moved out!