Wednesday, 4 February 2015

School is Back. Properly.

Finally, today it has all come together in our house.  Miss Mischief is back from her VCE retreat and I took both her and Mr Busy to school together.  At the same time.  And we made it before the first bell today.  Tomorrow we're aiming for 8.20 - it seems like moving our departure back 10 minutes a day is more do-able.

Because I have lost the ability to leave the house effectively and efficiently it seems other members of the family are struggling with this skill as well.  I discovered Mr Busy's sandwich on the bench when I got home this morning.  *sigh*  It's rubbing off.  It was a good excuse to go an visit everyone at an off-site location where the whole school was doing fun stuff together, so I drove his lunch over (not far away) and he was on me before I reached the group.  Grateful, and hungry!

Tomorrow's goal:  leave the house at 8.20am with everyone lunched and snacked up for the day. 

Shouldn't be too hard should it?


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Well, it shouldn't be, but it's amazing what a challenge it is on some days. Good luck, my dear!


Anonymous said...

I think it's catching. I've never known so many lunches to be left behind as has happened in the last couple of weeks.