Friday, 20 February 2015

Back From Internet Siberia

We are back from Internet Siberia.

Internet Siberia is where you end up when your family has outgrown its data limits.  It is a dark, cold world in which you have little to no access to....anything.  No access to emails, university enrolments, job advertisements and applications, favourite blogs.  Nothing.  We have been living on a restricted diet of hot-spotted data off our phones for the twice-a-day email check and a couple of other urgent things.  Our plan had us paying extra for exceeding our limits, rather than just going slow.  The extra costs are exorbitant. 

It has been about two weeks.  We were desperate people!

Our Knight-in-Shining-Armour (Dh) has organised us into unlimited data and, with a computer techie friend, managed to bring us back from the brink of our desperation last night.  These, my friends, are the heroes of the modern world.  The people who do crazy things like double degrees and PhD's in computer stuff and then they come riding along on their bike on just the right evening to weave their knowledgeable magic and fix all the things.  I don't know what things.  But just all of them.

During those two weeks life has been whizzing along, as life does.  Here's a quick update...
  • Miss Sunshine has her driver's license and is now driving herself off to work.  Without me.  I'm not ready for this development, but she seems to think it's perfectly reasonable.  What would she know?
  • I've had my first day in the classroom as a bona fide teacher, doing relief teaching.  I spent the day with a gorgeous little group of Prep/Year 1's, one of whom was my niece.  Adorable.  It just felt so completely right.
  • We have begun our 40 Day Fast at church, which ends just before Easter.  Fruit and vegies and wholegrains are to be our best friends for the next little while.
  • My foot is nearly 100% healed from its snarling little allergic reaction.  I am now a lover of 'old lady' shoes that have good arch support.  Scoff if you will.  Feet are important.
And I have been applying for jobs.  One of which is in the school where I did my rounds at the end of last year.  I am praying with all the fervency I can muster that this is "the one".  It is a maternity leave position in a Prep classroom.  In a Christian School.  This is my dream job and my God is in the business of answering the deepest prayers of his children's hearts.  So I am believing for good things.  But 53 applications (and counting) has a way of knocking the confidence out of you.

I'm off to catch up with all my favourite blog friends, and everything I've missed over the last two weeks...

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