Thursday, 28 June 2012

Holiday Baking

I'm going to begin here by making a distinction in the way we use the word 'holiday'.  In Australia if you're talking about holidays, you're talking about the time you have off from work or school....or whatever it is you do.  We rarely use the word 'vacation'.  So when I talk about holidays I'm not meaning special occasion celebrations like Christmas or Easter!


A good family holiday always begins with a morning of baking.  It does in our house anyway.  In part, because I detest the idea of buying expensive snacks.  And partly because those store-bought snacks contain all sorts of things I don't want to consume.

I am constantly amazed at how things have changed since I was a child, when it comes to running a household.  No longer is there a hand-written, pasted-in bunch of recipes.  Nope.  My random collection is mostly typed.  And if I don't have a recipe for something I grab my laptop and that becomes my recipe book.  After all - Google knows (and has access to) everything!  So this morning after dropping the kids off my bench ended up littered from one end to the other with all sorts of baking ingredients and paraphernalia.

My efforts have resulted in boxes of:

ANZAC slice
chocolate biscuits (cookies)
gluten free carrot muffins

We're ready for our mid-year winter school holidays.  Which begin tomorrow at 3.30pm!  The end of Term 2 has almost arrived.


Joolzmac said...

Yummo, those baked goods look fantastic - especially the choc biscuits! Do you think that lot will last long? I'm thinking it will be all gone by Sunday...

Cheers - Joolz

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Mighty tasty-looking! I'm like you--more and more, I use Google to find the recipes I'm looking for, except for the ginger snap recipe a little old lady at church gave me ...

Enjoy your holidays!


Tracy said...

LOL Joolz, I'm the sugar Nazi so they only get a few pieces a day.

Frances - our Prep's think Google knows everything. I think they're right.

Crunchie's Mum said...

I'm busy typing up recipes tonight. The faithful cook book has pages falling out and many many pieces of paper with various recipes scribbled on them are tucked into the front cover. the plan is to have a nice organized book of favourite recipes.