Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Personal Commandment?

In the depths of winter it seems hard to imagine that northern hemiphere folk are gearing up for a long.....long summer holiday.  Us?  We're meandering through fog and battening down against flooding rains and strong winds, finding candles and making sure there is a lighter that works.  In preparing for the upcoming summer Frances talked today about personal commandments and it got me to thinking.  What would I say are mine?  There are the two I came up with:
  1. Sugar is always evil - even a little bit.
  2. Laugh more often.
And now I feel like I need to explain these a bit!

Sugar has proven itself to be very unfriendly.  I had a small amount of dessert on Friday night and Saturday night due to social occasions.  I barely slept those two nights and dealt with the physical side-effects as well.  Even a little bit of dessert is not something that ends up being enjoyable.  I'm good with fresh and dried fruit and one mouthful of something sweet....otherwise it's best to say 'no'.  How very sad :(

I need to laugh more often.  Laughter diffuses all sorts of ugliness and nonsense.  Of course you shouldn't laugh when people are enduring awful circumstances.  But my teens are generally not found in that category.  Imagine how many silly tense situations could be alleviated by a little laughter.  You know....like when your 12yo son decides he's going to have a leg drop off due to a spill at school.  Is it worth getting cranky because he 'needs' a bandage to prevent the ridiculous limp he puts on?  No!  It's better to laugh (privately, perhaps) at his antics and just put the bandage on.  It's called sanity preservation.  Incidentally, I do a mean figure-8 bandaging effort on a straight limb.  I could get a job doing that!  I've also been caught laughing at the kids lately...and getting into trouble because one of the kids not being laughed at notices and points it out to the laughter victim.  You know what?  The laughter victim often realises how silly they are being in the process.

What are your current personal commandments?  Do share!

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