Monday, 11 June 2012

Monday Menu Plan

There really hasn't been very much more going on around here than was reported on Friday.  Lots of socialising on Saturday, some sleeping and reading yesterday, some studying today in preparation for an exam on Tuesday.  Pretty boring stuff!  Then again, aren't our lives about what we live in the 'ordinary'?

Until Sunday's.  Miss Mischief has to be at church early to prepare for her Kids Church group for 3 weeks out of 4.  I take a book and read.....or as is the case yesterday, I chat to whomever it is that happens by.  Yesterday it was two different pastors who asked how we're travelling....are we's been six months - how are things going?  The whole way through this enormous change there have been various leaders who have checked in with us to make sure we're doing OK.  And they genuinely want to know.  Yesterday one of those pastors provided me with feedback on how Miss Mischief is going with her little group.  Apparently she's going really, really well.  What can I say - Miss Mischief fed the girls smarties on her second week and now the girls love her.  Her girls can't believe that Miss Mischief has a bed time and isn't allowed to watch some of the same shows as her 10yo counterparts.  They share a lot in common - and Miss Mischief shares her faith.

And people wonder why I say that I have amazing teenagers.

My other amazing teenager cooked dinner the other night while I was lesson planning.  And she cared for the needs of her late-arriving father and uncle when I just didn't have the ability to cope with any more that day.  I love the way Miss Sunshine can just step into the gap when she needs to.

The rest of the week will follow our fairly 'ordinary' life of school, work, church activity and meals. Here are the meals:

Monday:  roast lamb, vegies
Tuesday: pasta bolognaise
Wednesday: minestrone, bread & butter
Thursday: honey soy chicken, rice, vegies
Friday: tuna & rice
Saturday:  osso bucco, mashed sweet poato
Sunday: pumpkin & sweet potato soup, bread & butter

I've been enjoying the switch from pasta & rice to quinoa.  Even Dh agreed it was a rather inoffensive approach to grain consumption when he encountered it in his lunch one day. 

Oh, my breaky the other morning in a town just 15 minutes from mine was delicious.  Bruschetta on rye sourdough.  Basil pesto spread on the toast with sliced tomato, finely diced red onion and parmesan cheese.  I really wanted to finish it, but two slices of that bread was more than I could get through.  I think I need to investigate pesto when I head off the grocery shop sometime today.

Meanwhile....breakfast and study are calling me....

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hope all goes well Tuesday (which may be right now for you!) on your exam! I love reading about your children--they give me hope for mine!