Monday, 18 June 2012

Monday Menu Plan - July

With just two short week until the end of the term I decided that I would try and avoid grocery shopping as much as possible.  I've planned and shopped for the next two weeks with only a quick stop for milk, eggs and a few other perishable items on the cards.  In our house we've also been discussing the kinds of picnic lunches we could enjoy on days when we're on family outings and refrigeration is not available....something to ponder.  I'd love to hear your frugal road-trip style picnic ideas - leave a comment and let me know your great ideas.

My teaching rounds are coming to a fast end.  I'm teaching every day for whole blocks of the timetable.  As much as I can't wait to get back to my own school I will miss being able to plan lessons and teach a class - two years seems like a long time to wait, at this point.  The thing that always surprises me is how much I miss my own school.  Yet on the other hand I discover that I love the children I end up working with in another school.  At the end of the day, no matter how passionate I am about Our School, teaching is all about investing oneself in the lives of children, all of whom are precious and created in the image of God.  Even when they behave in such a way as to have you thinking handcuffs and gaffer tape could be quite useful as preventive discipline tools.

My menus reflect a great lack of energy for cooking at the end of the day, especially while working full time for a few weeks.  I admit, as much as I love being at school, I do kind of miss my day off.  Breathing space, for an introvert, is truly a gift!  Following are the next two weeks' menus.  Given that I've planned and shopped for two weeks, here are two weeks of menu plans:

Monday:  ricotta fritters, vegies
Tuesday: creamy bacon & mushroom pasta
Wednesday:  pork spare ribs, rice, vegies
Thursday:  oven fried chicken, vegies
Friday:  pumpkin & sweet potato soup, turkish bread & butter
Saturday:  lasagna
Sunday:  chicken wonton soup

Monday: roast chicken, vegies
Tuesday: tomato & bacon pasta
Wednesday: quiche, vegies
Thursday:  bacon wrapped chicken, vegies
Friday:  take away
Saturday & Sunday:  not sure yet


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Wonderful menus--pretty inspired, I'd say, for someone who lacks the energy for cooking! We're headed off to the beach next week, so this week is full of packing and cleaning,and I'm feeling less than energetic about cooking myself. We had waffles and bacon tonight, and everyone was quite happy about it. Go figure!


Tracy said...

Makes you wonder why you go to so much effort every night, doesn't it?!

I reckon I would think your vacation food is pretty good just because, as a culture, we eat just slightly differently. And you can get things we can't....and vice versa.