Sunday, 24 June 2012

The Perfect, The Favourite and The Boy

Do your kids ever have strange, ongoing discussions about how things should be?  Maybe it's just me?

Our girls have been discussing, over a lengthy period of time, their place within the family.  As far as I'm concerned they're equally special in unique and individual ways and I love them fiercely.  So does DH.  One day, however, the girls started pitting themselves against one another with "I'm the favourite one" and "I'm the perfect one".  Who knows how these things came to be spoken, but they have.  After weeks of this topic cropping up here and there I finally turned to Mr Busy and asked him "If she's the favourite one, and she's the perfect one, what are you?"  His response was vintage Mr Busy:  "I dunno Mum, I'm just the boy".

I think we should secretly declare him the superhero of the family, for putting up with his sisters' nonsense!

This silly discussion has become my parental weapon of choice against sooky children.  You know, when they're whining "Why can't I have a [insert item here], she's got one"?  You get to respond "Well, she's more special than you 'cause she's the favourite one".  

Yep - these things come back and bite certain children on the butt.

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