Monday, 4 June 2012

Monday Menu Plan

I mentioned Kate's series on living frugally.  This is my enduring frugal practice - menu planning.  I plan and then make a shopping list before going shopping.  I rarely add anything extra to my shopping trolley, and these practices have meant that my food bill never gets near the $200/week mark.  Something many families struggle to achieve from what I hear around the place.

Of course, this week things are going to be a little challenging.  I normally shop on Tuesday, on my day off.  I'll not enjoy the luxury of mid-week days at home for a bit so it might have to get done on my way home.  Sometime.  Soon!  My menu is centred on little effort, tasty food that the girls are able to organise.  Not that I'll necessarily need them to cook, but it's entirely possible.  I don't know what this school's afternoon meetings are like and I certainly won't have my kids with me as I normally would.  So here's what's planned:

Monday:  Tomato and onion pasta
Tuesday: Honey mustard chicken fillets, vegies
Wednesday: Pork spare ribs, rice, vegies
Thursday: Captain crunch chicken, vegies
Friday: Chinese mince, beans & noodles
Saturday: Dinner out
Sunday: Roast lamb, vegies


My first day of rounds went smoothly.  The kids are lovely and the teacher was very welcoming.  After a day or two I'll get into things more....although on Thursday teachers in the Union will be striking.  So for this school, that is all the teachers except the one I'm working with because he's not in a Union.  Which means I will be at school and don't need to make up the day later.  I am so grateful!  It's an interesting situation really.  My school is not terribly 'political'.  I imagine this is because we're self-governed and have less to do with the government than schools run by the State.  It'll be a quiet day on Thursday!

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