Monday, 2 July 2012

Holidays, Menus and Other Fun Stuff

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We have driven a LONG way and ended up on the beautiful Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane.  Where my BIL and his family live.  We learnt some things while we were travelling.  Firstly, our kids are good travellers thanks to movies on Dh's laptop, books and iThings.  Australia has some strangely-name towns.  Like Goondiwindi....we wondered what kind of name that was, but the motel was clean and quiet so we were happy to be there for a night after a very long day on the road.  We also learnt that there is only so much take away food and McDonald's one family can consume in a short space of time without complaining.  And we learnt that perhaps on the way home we might stock up on those single-serve cereal bowls so that we can at least have breakfast before we leave.  It was a long drive from Goondiwindi to Toowoomba only to be faced with sad-tasting egg sandwiches as the choice that was available.  Nothing is open on a Sunday in country!

The sun has been out and been a balmy 20C so we're glad to be here instead of miserable, wintry Melbourne.  Dh has insisted that salads are the way to go for dinner.  Because if the weather is warm you need summer food!  Our menu plan is kind of loose to allow for some eating out if we feel like it.  But at the moment it might include:

roast lamb with 3 salads
chicken drumsticks with salads
And we might visit 'the Wharf' to see if fish is cheaper anything less than $30/kg!

Dh is ever the clever hero of the family and has figured out how to make his iPhone into a modem so that we have internet access without paying a fortune.  Who'd have thought it could be that easy?

My most exciting discovery so far?  It gets light around 6am.  That's exciting for an early-riser like me, who has been mumbling about the darkness that lurks until 7am at home.  Six in the morning is a lovely time to curl up in a blanket with a book by Ronie Kendig.....


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I wish I knew more about the geography of Australia so I could understand what kind of trip you've made. I wonder if it's like traveling from North Carolina (my home state) to Florida in the winter, leaving behind gloomy skies and chilly days for fun in the sun. It sounds like it! Hope you have a great vacation!


han_ysic said...

I tend to take an esky with us and we take food so we can picnic, a cliff overlooking a beach is so much better for a lunch spot than looking out at maccas carpark! And stretching the legs on the beach is great too! We take simple things, stuff for sandwiches or wraps and lots of fruit.

Ps could your husband share his magic, I haven't been able to work that one out yet.

Tracy said...

Frances, we've travelled half the distance to the top of Australia - we live at the bottom. Very layman's terms, but it's about 1600km. Brisbane is literally half way up!

Han-ysic - on your iPhone, go into settings. The third option down is 'personal hotspot'. Flick that to 'on'. On your computer you go into internet connections and choose your phone. Put in the code and voila - you're online!