Thursday, 26 July 2012

Direction, Conclusions...and probably other stuff!

Pork & Apple Pasties - discussed here.

Thanks to your wise and insightful comments, a conversation with a good friend at church and a great deal of thought I have finally come to a conclusion about the issue of tithing.  Jodie made the point that we have a responsibility to support our local churches, and she's absolutely right.  I feel  comfortable with the place at which I've arrived.  It feels pretty good actually, not to feel paralysed and fearful about the whole matter.

I've also been giving some thought about the types of things blog readers like to read about.  It would also be kind of nice to have a plan, of sorts, so that a whole week doesn't go by without me having gotten to the end thinking "I couldn't think of a single thing to share".  That usually happens because my brain is so full of Uni stuff...which is really only interesting to fellow B.Ed. students!

Recent conversations with my youngest brother have made me ponder the idea of posting a series about parenting.  After our chat yesterday I realised that I've been there and learned stuff that he's just having to deal with.  And like me a way back then, he's struggling with how to go about parenting his beautiful girls in the best way possible.  Surprisingly, I realised I know stuff about that and in my work I've developed some practical, useable resources that can help him.  How cool is that!

So, regular commenters and lurkers alike, I'd love to hear from you.  What would you like to read about?  What information do you want to learn about?  Is there something I do that you think you'd like to learn how to do too?


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, I love reading about parenting! I like hearing stories and strategies, what worked, what didn't.

I think doing a series is a nice way to motivate yourself to write. I have the same thought at times when I think about blogging, that I don't have anything to share at the moment, or the good things I thought of to share slipped my mind. Always nice to have a direction to set off in ...


Anita said...

I love parenting tips too! I wish I could literally walk a week in your shoes. I admire so much of what you do, and who you are, and who your kids are too!

Tracy said...

Parenting it is!!

Thank you Anita - I'm going to come back to this comment on my bad days!!!! You are a magnificent Mum too - I can't wait to see how your little cutie grows up (but not too fast!).