Friday, 18 May 2012

The Winds of Change

Do you fear change? 

The women's ministry structure and program in my church is changing.  I don't think the changes are enormous, but then I've not been involved until just this term.  I think the future plans sound great.  But I've nothing to compare them to.  The ladies who have enjoyed the ministry over a number of years, however, are struggling with the changes.

I learnt something about myself this morning.  I'm not terribly afraid of change.  Not at the moment, anyway.  We've made big changes over the years,  as a family.  Sometimes those changes brought a season of pain and sometimes the changes have been because of pain.  I remember at one point really fighting with God about what I thought I wanted for my life and being put out that I was being pushed to be in a place I didn't think I wanted to be.  Surprisingly those changes have brought about a great outpouring of blessing in our lives.  If I'd clung stubbornly to what I wanted we wouldn't be where we are now, geographically, mentally, physically....spiritually.

My heart ached for the women, this morning, who are obviously grieving and don't want to embrace the changes yet.  They underestimate the power of their own stories and ability to share in a way that speaks into other's lives.  And to receive what others may have to speak into their lives.  I can't wait to see how things are in 12 months time and see how they are able to overcome their grief and move on to the new adventure set before them.

Change is hard, but when we walk in the path God sets before us we don't need to fear.  We just need to trust and claim God's promises for His blessing on our lives.  It's a choice we need to make.


Jack99 said...

Change is hard, and sometimes it's hard to trust God that all will be well. Our pastor has just moved back to England, and we are awaiting a new pastor, and that is very, very scary. Still, I have hope and faith the right person will come and fill the job--most of the time!


Tracy said...

LOL Frances..."most of the time" ... absolutely.

We have to remember and claim the truth that God is ALWAYS trustworthy - even when we can't see it.